The Custom Handle

Used by many of the World's top slalom skiers.

This is the ultimate handle.

This handle has a smaller, but stronger, aluminium core bar that allows for more rubber between your hands and the bar.

The specially formulated rubber and the many custom diameters makes this the most comfortable handle you can buy.

Standard comes in 12" with .94 or 1.0 diametre or 13" handles with 1.0, 1.03, 1.062 or 1.092 diametres.

Carbon comes in 13' 1.0/1.03 diametres.

$249 Standard

$279 Carbon

The Jump Handle

11" monster jump handle.

All plastic coated for betterwear and protection.

3/8" polypro max line.



Kreuger Ski Handle

10" jump handle.

All spectra coated line.



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